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Meet Kat Sudol

Kat Sudol

Katarzyna Sudol is a medical skincare expert. She cleanses and beautifies the face and body to enhance the health and appearance of the client's skin. She correctly consults and determines the right treatment for any and all skin types ranging from all ages and ethnicities. She has **** 10 years**** of experience under her belt as it is. She is there to help you you properly address your skin concerns and reduce the appearance of any skin imperfections.

She works with a doctor on-site, assisting him and performing all different types of medical spa services.

I have always been passionate about beauty and fashion. And growing up as a native of Poland, the natural beauty of the country inspired me from a very young age. It was that inspiration that led me into art, beauty and the skincare industry.
After completing my training as a professional skincare specialist at Parisian Beauty Academy in Hackensack, I set out to begin my career as an esthetician and makeup artist in the summer. Very early on, I began to develop and refine the artistic philosophy that I live by today. I enjoy making people look and feel their best and my work represents this passion.

My career began as a professional makeup artist for Motives cosmetics, representing one of the industries most innovative brands. My role as a Motives artist was to create fresh new looks tailored to fit each client's personal style. As an independent artist, I continue to stay on the cutting edge with the latest products and application techniques.

My passion for art, beauty and the skincare industry began at an early age and I believe it was greatly influenced by growing up in such a naturally beautiful country like Poland. I continued to live by the personal and professional motto of living and feeling your best each day. If I can help others feel and look their best, then I am fulfilling my own passion as well as making them feel better about themselves.

To today, and I am proud to be the owner of Valley Aesthetics, where we focus on renewing, restoring and enhancing your beauty with great care and attention, as well as the latest skincare techniques and treatments. We specialize in Customized Facials, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, Botox Injections, PRP and Rezenerate. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today and we can help you get the right treatment to bring out your best!

Dr. Boutros

Dr. Boutros

Dr. Boutros is the Medical Director of Prevention Clinics LLC and Valley Aesthetic LLC Spa. He started these multi­ specialty health care centers because of his comprehensive training, experience, and strong interest in Integrative medicine, Aesthetics, Cosmetics, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and Obesity Medicine. The variety of services or procedures provided includes Platelet Rich (PRP) BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVEDERM®, Mesotherapy/Lipotherapy/Lipo-Dissolve, Adult and Adolescent Weight Management, Anti-Aging Medicine/ Preventive Medicine, and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

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